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by Sverre A. Larssen.

Version 0.7 ($Rev: 1.0 $), 30 SEP 1998

Note ! Some of the information herein has been extracted from other HOWTO's. But the information in those seems to be partly inaccurate for RH 5.x norwegian-users ... This HOWTO is written in norwegian. If you find some english parts the credit goes to the Danish-HOWTO (Niels Kristian Bech Jensen, This is because I haven't tried out everything and you have to rely on our danish friend. (See Personer for thanx). If you have any questions, please feel free to ask someone, but NOT me. I have a lot of questions of my own, and a few answers. The answers are in this very text. If you have any suggestions however, they would be greatly appreciated. Send them to

1. Introduksjon

2. Lynkurs

3. Tastaturoppsett

4. XKB

5. Oppsett i andre programmer

6. Andre ting

7. Tolkning av tegnsett.

8. Tegntabell

9. Andre referanser

10. Takk & takk og annet du ikke vil lese

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